The legendary Ghanaian art coffin maker Ataa Oko and his third wife with a battleship coffin in 1960. Atta Oko’s fellow craftsman Paa Joe will be exhibiting his flamboyant art coffin collection at this year’s Chale Wote Street Art Festival.

Photo credit-
Regula Tschumi, “The buried treasures of the Ga. Coffin Art in Ghana”, p137, Benteli, 2008


5-Step Vegan Protein Taco Bowl

Healthy.Happy.Life writes:

My 5-Step Protein-Taco Bowl with Fiesta Rice and Beans is a delicious go-to meal that is exploding with cravable flavors. Creamy vegan refried beans, corn or rice shredded tortillas, fiesta-spiced rice with Southwest style Beyond Meat Vegan Chick’n, avocado and citrus. Tonight’s dinner just got easy.

Recipe here.

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Nigerian Gold Medalist Fails Drug Test At Commonwealth Games.

Nigerian gold medalist and 16-year-old weightlifting star Chika Amalaha has been provisionally suspended from the current Commonwealth Games, taking place in Glasgow, after failing an in-competition drug test.

Amalaha’s ‘A’ sample contained amiloride and hydrochlorothiazide, both of which are prohibited as diuretics and masking agents. She will now have a ‘B’ sample tested on Wednesday.

Speaking on the issue, Commonwealth Games Federation chief executive Mike Hooper said: ‘We [have] issued a formal notice of disclosure to an athlete following an adverse analytical finding as a consequence of an in-competition test. That athlete is Nigerian weightlifter Chika Amalaha who was tested on July 25th. That athlete has now been suspended from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

'The relevant processes, as detailed in our anti-doping standard for the Games, are now being followed and Ms Amalaha has pursued her right to have her 'B' sample tested. This will take place at an accredited laboratory in London tomorrow (Wednesday), July 30. Upon receipt of those results the process will continue.'

This isn’t the first time a Nigerian lifter has been suspended for doping. However, what is shocking in this case is how young the athlete is. In 2001, the Nigerian Weightlifting Federation was suspended for repeated doping violations by the International Weightlifting Federation. They were also banned from competing in the Manchester Games the following year.

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In 2005 the New Patriotic Party started construction of government-funded housing blocks on the border of Ayigya Zongo and Asokore Mampong known in Kumasi simply as Affordable Housing.

So competitive and reactionary is politics in this system (a multi-party democratic republic almost entirely modelled on that of their former colonial leaders, the UK) that when The National Democratic Congress got into power in 2008 they halted construction on this site and set up a new deal for even more housing elsewhere. This attempt to reserve glory for themselves collapsed, and Affordable Housing has been stood, mid-completion, on the initial site, for over 5 years.

Many complex factors have lead to people choosing to take this place as their home but the popular opinion, the one fostered by the local media, imagines the inhabitants of this sprawling stretch of skeletal structures as bands of nomadic criminals committed to midnight lootings and killings. The periphery of this area is constantly patrolled by police armed with assault rifles.

During the multiple visits that I made I met families who had set up their own schools, their own co-operative style shops and their own football team, the Affordable All Stars.

Affordable Housing Site, on the border of Ayigya Zongo and Asakore Mampong, Kumasi, Ghana. 


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Blessing Okagbare Makes History For Nigeria at Commonwealth Games.

Nigerian athlete Blessing Okagbare sprinted to victory in Glasgow today winning gold in the women’s 100m race. Okagbare’s time of 10.85 established a new record for this event at the Commonwealth Games. She was followed by silver medalist Veronica Campbell-Brown of Jamaica at a time of 11.03.

This marked the first time since 1994 that a Nigerian woman had won a medal in the women’s 100m the Commonwealth Games when Mary Onyali and Christy Opara-Thompson took home gold and silver respectively.

So far, all of Nigeria’s gold medals have been won by women.

17-year-old Chika Amalaha won the country’s first gold competing in the Women’s 56kg weightlifting, and fellow weightlifter Oluwatoyin Adesanmi won the women’s 63kg gold medal.

Nigeria leads overall in the weightlifting categories. for both male and female, with two gold, three silver and one bronze medal.

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EVENT: This is Lagos Presents: “Lagos Sessions”.

In collaboration with Goethe-Institut Lagos, This is Lagos is spearheading a brand new music, culture and lifestyle series that aims to fuse daily life situations through music.

Inspired by the city’s booming and diverse entertainment culture and Nigeria’s leading role in both the African and world music scenes, and birthed out of the Goethe-Institut’s global mission to develop local creative talents, as well as encourage cultural exchange between international and local artists, The Lagos Sessions will provide support to both established and emerging artists through a series of concerts that provide a more intimate connection between the performer and audience.

The first edition of Lagos Sessions is scheduled for Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 6PM prompt. Attendance to the concert is free.

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